I just bought an ESP LTD MH-53, and i love it. the neck, FR bridge, all that. but ive been wanting to use Seymour Duncans for a while now and I'm wondering if some of you mroe experienced players out there could tell me if itd be worth it to swap em out on this guitar, or swap em out on a more expensive guitar. Its a S-S-H configuration, thanks in advance.
if you already like the guitar (feel and playing wise) why not. if you dont like the pup you choose just put the original back in. a new pup is around 80 bux. a new guitar is more. so yes you will save money over buying another guitar.( i spared you the ,should have bought an esp instead of ltd speech)
how much a pickup upgrade'll do to your sound depends on what amp you're playing through.

If you already have a good amp, and you like the feel of your guitar, then go for it. if you're playing through a not-so-great amp, though, then I'd suggest saving up for something better amp-wise, first.
duncans>>>>>>>emgs tonewise....imo

its all about the feel...with a tube amp, the right pickup wont change the sound immensely, it ll only change the dynamics, allowing you to control your sound with the style of playing.

duncans are really percussive, meaning you can make the sound SO tight when you downpick and palm mute in the right amount. BUT you can also make a really loose wrangy rock sound whenever you want by adjusting your playing.

its all about if you re ready as a player....thats why some people say emgs actually hide mistakes etc etc. duncans show who is playing sloppily or who is playing fantastically, all with their dynamics.
im getting an amp for xmas, so I'll take your advice and wait til then to see if i really need to swap em out. thanks for the help guys