So for Christmas I'm getting my first non family inheriated guitar. The actual guitar I want to get is a 69' Telecaster Thinline but not being able to come uip with $700+ is preventing me form that. So my sister's fiance said he got his guitar from rondomusic.com and told me his was fine and all he had to replace were the pickups. Even though I trust his opinon I trust people who are more proficient with guitar too. Anyway down to the question would getting this be worth it or should I save up for a while and get the real one? And if it's fine to buy what all should I replace/fix on it? Thanks in advanced!
The SX brand is not the best, but the general word is that it will at least be higher quality than a squier.
You'll most likely need to get it set up before its going to play very well, but with a setup and a pickup change, it could treat you well.



i myself own an SX and i love it buuuut i would spend the extra money on the Agile.... i've also heard the Agile and Epiphones are made in the same factories so that may be better.... good luck!!
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