So i was thinking about getting this but is it really worth it it is on clearance on musicians friend. Any feedback is good

thank you
Nope, as UG will tell you.

Any one else think that the words "Marshall MG" in the title should just stop the article getting posted? (j/k)
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If it were cheap enough it would make a passable practice amp.....but it's certainly not cheap enough.
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Quote by al112987
no, it's not worth the money. It is essentially...

this amp, with two mini 1x10 speaker cabinets.

NO! I owned the microstack as my first amp and my best buddy from high school had the one in the link. I can tell you that they are very different. The microstack has more gain, and the tone is a fair amount better comparitabley.

But this doesnt take away from the fact that they are both poor amps. I was just correcting your comparison . Do not get that amp! It's an overpriced practice amp and you could do better.
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It's a trap!

Don't get it.
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Seriously, no.
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don't get the MG unless you want to sound like zakk wylde having a CRUSHINGly bad tone day.
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