Hi, Im looking for anyone looking to sell their Schecter C1 Exotic, pref. in the the UK, but from other places may be fine.

Am prepared to pay a decent amount for it. or possibly swap gear.

so if you have one, please let me know.. Thanks
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i pmed ya i've got a c-1 exotic star for sale it's was new in july no dents dings or scratches never outta my smoke free home hard case included. $500+shipping


Thanks. But thats not the one im looking for. thats the exotic star.


That's the one im looking for...

Nice guitar in any case!

Anyone with a C1 Exotic?
i know you said you're not after an exotic star but if you change your mind at all i have one for sale in the UK. There's a link in my sig to the listing. Cheers
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This thread is old, but I have an exotic. Pretty sure it's not a C-1 though..
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