I'm sorry for the very noob question but I've got to find out somewhere...

I've been playing guitar since February and having lessons for 5-6 months now. Mostly I've just been learning chord songs and scales and improvising etc so when I was practicing I never really plugged into my amp and if I did I didn't play it with any gain.

Well, I want to play some different stuff now involving power chords etc. I'm after a grungey/garage rock sort of sound similar to Mudhoney. I was trying to play Touch Me I'm Sick by them earlier and I just can't get it to sound right. I'm pretty sure the tab I'm using is correct.

My guitar and amp are pretty ****ty (well, I think so anyway). Made by a company called bandit. The amp is 35 Watts but I'm not sure what I should have the equalization (high/med/low) settings at. I've got it on full gain but it just doesn't sound right. So, could anyone give any suggestions to what I should set them at?

I've tried messing about with them but I really can't get the right sound at all.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Crappy amps always sound pretty crappy no matter what you do with them - simply adjust the tone knobs until it sounds good to your ears, however full gain is never a good idea on those things.

Forget chasing recorded tones because it's never gong to happen, just do the best you can with what you have.
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Thankyou for the help.
It's just the amp was pretty expensive so I'm hoping I can a more similar tone to what I get now because it sounds nothing like it right now. (and this amp has got to be good for something, considering it has no built in effects or anything) And a while back I was trying to play this song and I quite liked how it sounded, I just couldn't get the changes right cus I'd only been playing for a few months.
I'm not after recorded quality, I just want a sound that's pretty grungey/fuzzy.
I've tried fiddling with the settings but I can't get what I want, I'm not even sure what I'm doing. I don't even kn ow what high/medium/low or equalization mean if I'm being honest.
high/medium/low refers to the frequency of the sound. Obviously turning up the low should add more bass, high, more treble. Try your gain at about 6, bass 8, mid 4, high 8 as a starting point.