Would a EHX Metal Muff with top boost sound good through a Roland Cube 30X?
It wouldn't sound amazing. I thought the Cube had pretty decent metal distortion on its own?


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I've heard plenty of people covering Pantera stuff with Roland cubes, they can get more than enough gain for Pantera stuff.

You really don't need that much saturation, probably a lot less than you think you do. Unless you're just trying to cover up bad playing with gain.
you dont need AS MUCH gain as dimebag did just to play his songs he used way too much gain anyway. learn to play with less gain and you wont have to worry. the metal muff wouldn't be very good with a modeling amp anyway.

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I heard Roland Cubes don't take pedals too well, rspecially distortions. That's just what I've heard though, don't have a Cube myself.
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