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Hey there Pit.
Today some one was trying to get me to fight him at school. He was insulting me and my GF he had some m8 helping him. Calm as i am i didn't do much back other then a few insults myself i walked away at one point knowing it would escalate and im not one to start fights. Now he has insulted me and my GF enough i wont take it anymore (Note that i didn't start his he did by insulting me and soon after my GF).
Well your first thought is probably; ''Kick him square in the nuts'' (or something equal to that xD) But (and here comes the problem) he has a lot of friends, the kind of friends that will help him if i beat him up so even if (and i think i can) beat his arse he and his friends will beat me up after school.

So basicly its this:

Quit whining, hes just insulting you as long as he doesn't resort to anything physical so shouldn't you.Just either ignore him or insult back

Quit whining beat him up and do fight even harder when his friends try to beat you up.

some other facts about this guy:
A lot of his insults are racist (but hes darker then me so that wouldn't be a problem but im not lowering my self to racism)
Hes the type that thinks hes all kewl and the rest sucks
He was pushing me around the other day not hard more of a playfull way but as the discussion continued he started to push harder (not hard enough to get me to the floor or anything)

So what would you do Pit? plz help i'm really lost atm
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Or report him to the authorities, whoever that may be. Bullying shouldn't be tolerated.
So all he's doing is insulting you? Just leave that little bitch alone, he doesn't even seem worth your attention.
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Either man up and beat his ass (with help from your friends if need be), Tell a teacher and get him in trouble, or be a bitch and keep taking it.
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Schoolyard shanking.
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give the pit his email address
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ignore him, he'll soon get bored.

proabbly jealous you have a GF and he only has male friends.
Bring a gun to school and shoot him and his pals. Trust me it works.
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ignore him, if he wants a fight, don't give him what he wants

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Get him alone and tell him you will definately kick his ass if he keeps it up.
If you do need to fight him, take him out then as soon as possible just randomly start a fight with his tallest mate even if you get the **** kicked of you it will show you have balls and hopefully all should be settled
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if you kick his ass he wont come after you after school. his pride will be shattered and he will be scared of you. just kick his ass and call him a pussy when you do
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ignore him and he will soon get bored and move on to somebody else
problem solved.
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give the pit his email address

Actually, that's a great idea.
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Why not go for a peaceful solution, like instead of beating him up try beating him off?

aaaaaaaaaaaand sig'd
Challenge him to a game of No-Holds-Barred Dodgeball. It's a lot more fun than fighting, and there's a good chance someone could die.
once he started on the GF i would get pissed too...beat his ass then go down in a blazing glory when all his friends jump in...maybe you will come out on top when all his friends jump in and be looked at as a total badass. scenario 2 - you beat his ass and then lose a fight to 5 - 10 guys, still badass. scenario 3 - you beat him up then his friends kill you
I don't see a reason to beat him up honestly. A little bit of high school drama? Just ignore him and move on... if you "beat him up" you will prolly end up getting your ass kicked badly.
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scenario 3 - you get beat him up then his friends kill you

Jesus Christ.
ignore him and dont rise to it

then on the quiet, set him up and get his ass expelled/in prison.

always worked for me
Get more friends durrrrrrr
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he's jealous. just start making out with your gf whenever he slags you off.
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give the pit his email address

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If you have to get into a fight - get backup. But don't involve unless he involves his. But I say that you just let it go, maybe tell someone about it if he won't quit.
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get naked pictures of his mum and blackmail a studio outof his ass
Give out his email address. The internet'll show him.
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Kick his ass. So what if his friends jump do have friends of your own that have your back right?
Deal with it.
Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who...
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Give out his email address. The internet'll show him.

The only real advice is to beat him up, his friends won't do nothing after that because you will scared them and they will respect you, for real

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