Hey UGers!

I'm very (VERY) in between Ibanez and ESP (But I am open to others). Truth is I'm not sure on what to get, though I'd be looking for something that excels in Rock / Hard Rock, and more of Rythm guitar (I'm rythm guitarist for my band). So far, the Ibanez I really like is the Ibanez GRG121 or 150 and the (LTD) ESP LM50. I play music from Muse to Avenged Sevenfold to Paramore so I'm very undecided.

Help me out
ever think to look at schecter?... I think a lot of their guitars are of very high quality and very low cost
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I don't think Shecter's are sold where I live (South America - Chile), but Ibanez and ESP are huge here with Fender and Epiphone.
i would save a bit more, the ltd 50 range..are quite bad, the ibanez gio range are about the same...
i say you save..and get either a ltd200 > or a ibanez sa/sz320 they will be ace for you..

muse > manson > customs
avenged > schecter > cheap and decent
paramore > fender > no squiers!!! fender MIM are decent
i think I'll keep saving then, thanks for helping..and i'll check out ebay to see if i can find anything.
Im gonna say ibanez
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I found a used Ibanez RG321 that sparked my interest, and an Ibanez GSZ120 that's a bit cheaper. Also I found an Epiphone Les Paul 100 (used) plus a Randall amp (which I have no idea if it's good or not)

But I'm leaning more towards the Ibanez...by the way check out http://www.ibanez.com/artists/default.aspx?a=110 and click on Benjamin Lechuga, he's a cousin of mine

Edit: Is a Squier Stratocaster (california) any good?
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the 321 is a nice guitar for starting on, its not such a low range, but packs a decent punch!

a squier is not good at all..
Good thing I decided against it (The squier). I like the RG321 a lot and it suits my needs well, but what amp should I get also?
for an amp, it all depends on your style, and what you want. If your looking for tube, i reccomend the peavy valveking. it beats the crap out of all other tubes in it's price range
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I'm not too sure on a tube amp, but it all depends on what's in stock.