I made my own advent calendar.
every cardboard door
hides a shot of hard liquor.
I'm not a traditionalist,
counting days 'til christmas
there's much more potential
in the minutes that pass
half an hour of cheer
leaves you flat on your back

we do it for the kids
a bright spot
for the dark days of winter
they get so excited
for a planned break and enter
instead of calling the cops
we serve the guy dinner
a fictional crime wave
circling the globe
a fat guy
in a bad suit
blowing his load

charlie brown
just wanted a christmas
without showbiz
a stage for linus
to talk about jesus
he'd sell ad space
in the program
to make a nice profit
all I want for christmas
is a positive blanket
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Darcy, one of the best thing I've read from you. I loved it. The second stanza especially. And the third too. In fact all of it.

I think the only thing keeping me from enjoying this at it's fullest
is the odd line out. I don't think it's effective nor adding much. If anything, it drags the piece down, to me at least. "all I want for christmas is a positive blanket" would do for a beautiful ending.

<3 much love.
Ah, so glad.

I clicked this expecting another "look out the window, oh its snowing, i better write something about the uniqueness of a snowflake, right?" pieces, but this really hit my hard.

My cynical side loved it.
Thanks Mat, Sam.

The last line as well, was an on the fence thing for me. One of those, "oh that sounds cool" moments. I might take it out.

I left out any preamble just for you Sam.
I loved it. The first really good christmas piece, with just the right amount of cynical edge
wow. This was fantastic. Great read. The positive blanket was not my favorite word choice to be honest. But overall, I loved it. sorry i'm not more helpful

Really really like this one
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
"is a positive blanket"

Didn't like that.

Loved the rest.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching