This is a hand made Rob Wave custom that was Rob's personal rig, similar to a jazz bass. Solid one piece mahogany body, hand rubbed shellac finish, ebony fretboard, racing stripes that are purposely the same color as the BBQ restaurants in western Kentucky since it's so fat, dual jazz bass bridge pickups, exposed pole humbucker in the neck, nice hydraulic feeling volume pot.

The biggest advantage of this bass is that it is extremely fat sounding. I played through five 18's and this thing really made those subs get a workout. Also, the neck is absolutely amazing. These foreign machine made necks just can't compete. I can easily play songs on this thing that I stumble over with other basses. I have yet to have a serious bass player try it out and not fall in love with the neck. I've played a Ric that felt like crap compared to this thing. It really is that good.

Asking $950. Their minimum order is about $2,800. Do the math. Only selling so I can get one of their electrics. Many pics available upon request.

<img src="http://www.metropolislakeoutfitters.com/guitar/bass%20and%20cab.jpg">
btt. Actually their minimum order is about $4K now. Write for more pics, that one isn't that great.
sorry for the link. will consider trades for a really nice 4-string, today only. 270-556-8427.