Im getting a $200-$250(not sure how much) guitar center gift card for christmas and I wanted to know which is better in another guitarist's opinion

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah (WD-7),A higher up Cry Baby,or a Morley

Heres the features I'm looking for:
1.Durability(must have)
2.Tone Shaping(control knobs,switches,Q-dial)
3.Good sound with heavy distortion(I'm th lead guitarist/secondary singer for a death metal band)
4.A kick in boost(if a cry baby)
Edit:5.Switchless(not a must but would like to have)

Thanks for any Wah-based Wisdom you can offer!
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The Demon is very controllable. Thats all I have to say.
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For what you play the Weeping Demon is probably what you're looking for.


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Yeah thats what i thought, but i hear they break easy, but that could be a defect a few pedals fell to
Morley bad horsie 2 wah
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250 dollars, I would ditch the wah and get a digitech whammy

Dude, quit your idiot posts, he's not asking for a whammy, he's asking for a wah.
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yeah what he^^^ said, im looking for help with a wah and i have a whammy setting on my Digitech RP90
i looked at your profile, and if your gonna be playing children of bodom and pantera definitely go for the weeping demon, or maybe a crybaby from hell.
thats pretty much what im between, but i hear bad horsies are good, but the demon has a switchless setting too
I own the weeping demon, from personal experience I can tell you its a nice, versatile pedal, and works for all my styles of music (heavy metal, rock, jazz, and whatever else haha). Of course, I haven't tried the other wahs you mentioned, so I dont know if they're better or worse. Good luck on deciding!
don't get a vox. i love it, but you won't lol. that's my bit. i've heard good things about CFH (dimebag one i think) and the ibanezWD. those two would probably be your best bets
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yeah i like the Dime sig crybaby but i like the switchless/footswitch change that is availble on the Weeping Demon

in terms of versitility their about the same
but theirs a $50 price gap