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Yeah. I just got braces today and they feel weird as ****. it feels like my mouth is weighted down. anyone else on ug ever used braces? share your experiences and hopefully make me feel better about having to use them.
Stay away from magnets and people with trenchcoats.
Rule 1 of braces: No Oral
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Take good care of your teeth. If you don't, you'll have braces for longer than you wanted them! Listen to your ortho. I had braces for two years exactly and my teeth are now cute and straight! You get used to them real fast. make sure you wear your retainers after you get them off!
It will hurt like hell in about 10 minutes for a week. Then for 2 days after you get them adjusted. But between that they're fine, I've got loads of ulcers and can't even feel them.
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I use to have braces. Everytime i went to my friends house he'd stick a magnet behind his bed so when i went to go sit down i would be pulled towards the magnet. He raped me a plenty good times.
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yeah. i'm getting mine off in a week. Just be sure to clean them religiiously every night. And you'll get used to them...
i got my braces tightened today, dude eat what u want, nuttin 2 hard (keep off the ****)

just make sure you brush your teeth properly and time will fly
had em and they're gone now... have been gone for about 3-4 years... they suck.
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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I am currently in 12th grade and i have had them since the beginning of 7th grade. So 5 years. Yea, im cool.

But i get them off in either January or February.
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I am currently in 12th grade and i have had them since the beginning of 7th grade. So 5 years. Yea, im cool.

But i get them off in either January or February.

wtf? why have you had them for so long?
After getting my braces off, I appreciate my teeth so much more! I hated them. The first week I had them, I ripped off about 5 of them when I was playin basketball. Oh and you can still do oral
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wtf? why have you had them for so long?

Lol my teeth were ****ed up when i got them on.
I had to get 4 teeth pulled because there was too much crowding and that was fun.

Theres barely anything wrong with them now. Just minor stuff.
I just got braces too, and some things really hurt. The first week is the worst, but it all passes.

Don't think about the pain, think about the end-results!

really sucks i have to cut everything up in little pieces to eat it, using my front-teeth hurts too much
Yeah, I had them. They suck when you first get them, then you eventually learn to not care about them, then as the time nears, you're dying to get them off. Then they're off and you're glad you had them. Think about it this way, you will spend roughly two years wearing something that actually changes your appearance quite minimally (most people won't pay attention to them), and you get the rest of your life with a dramatically better looking mouth.
i had them 7-8th grade. didnt really mind them too much since it seemed like 1/3 of the people at school had them. i ****ing hated when i had to get a new wire or get them tightened because it hurt like hell to bite down on things. but yeah definitely worth it, my teeth look great now
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i had em. Everytime you get it adjusted, it hurts to eat solid food for about a week. And make sure you wear your retainers when you get them off. Your teeth WILL move. I was dumb and didnt wear the bottom ones (but the bottom teeth always tend to shift more) and then i had to get braces on the bottom again. But now they put a small permanent retainer on the back of my bottom teeth. Really doesn't feel like anything is there though. It lays flush with the teeth.
I always wanted braces when I was growing up. Braces and glasses. No idea why.... but now I have meh eyesight. Woo-freaking-hoo
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Stay away from magnets and people with trenchcoats.

Hey! I wear a trenchcoat!

But seriously, they don't hurt, well only a little bit. If people tell you they hurt they're overreacting to scare you.
For me the worst part was that the metal would rub the inside of my mouth raw.
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when you get them tightened, they will hurt like hell for about a day or two. but soon, it will be as if they aren't even there. and then when you remove them, it feels even weirder than when you put them on in the first place. that braces for you. had em for two years, still wearing the god damn retainer 3 times a week.

just be sure to keep them clean and dont do any kissing for awhile.
I've had them fixed braces and the removable ones, the removable braces were by far the worst though (which I didn't expect). I was told I had to wear the fixed braces for 15 months, but I looked after my teeth and only had them for 9 months. *dances*
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ive had mine off for a year now. they will hurt like **** for about a week when you first have them, and then for 2 or 3 days after theyre tightened, but other than that you forget about them.
you can eat gum, i did and i got on fine.
just brush the shiat out of them before you go to bed.
i'm almost finished using my retainer, i only need it at night now, i hate it thought, your breath actually smells like faeces in the morning, cause no matter how hard you brush it, bacteria will still be in the little nooks on it.
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I've got braces now and I don't think it's that bad. Sure they hurt for like a week after you get them on/tightened but that goes away. I should be getting mine off next summer.
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I had one of those removable ones before I had like the permanent ones, and they were way worse, my whole face ached for like 3 weeks, and they didn't seem to make my teeth move at all..I had the other ones for 2 years though, and they didn't really bother me at all, my teeth were so ****ed but they're perfectly straight now so I'm just glad I got them
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But seriously, they don't hurt, well only a little bit. If people tell you they hurt they're overreacting to scare you.

Maybe your teeth didn't have to move much, but if they do it really hurts alot.
I used to have them. It hurts at first but then it goes away. Also, it feels so weird when you get them off. I stated missing them because it was so different.
You'll get used to them in about a week, they suck though. Mine are broken ATM and I'm getting them fixed tomorrow (next time i have to pay)
Had them from early grade 6 to late grade 8

only really painful part is when the orthodonist takes them off.
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Man up, would you rather get all your teeth yanked and new ones put in?

ya me too...
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Maybe your teeth didn't have to move much, but if they do it really hurts alot.

Mine were really out of shape, my mouth was crowded; 9 teeth out. Hxc mofo here
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Rule 1 of braces: No Oral

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