Hello all, I need some help with a possible Christmas present I "might" be getting.

Here's the thing, I've saved 150$ bucks, and I'm thinking about selling my Epi SG to my cousin for 450$ (plus the case, new strings, calibration, etc), so I would be having a total of 600$

So I was thinking, great! I can spend that cash on maybe a pedal or something like that, since I'm very happy with me Epi Les Paul, which I modded with a pair of Dimarzio Burstbuckers (Sound is really great, very versatile, too), and my 50w Vox VT, which I got as a birthday present. I love the sound of my guitar through this amp.

The problem came here, when my parents suddendly said they knew I had been window-shopping some Gibsons I saw some time ago. Out of nowhere, they said they could give me a hand with the money and get me a Gibson (Probably nothing above 2200)

Thing is, I'm not really sure about this, I've always loved Gibsons, Les Pauls in special, I adore them, and I think their sound is great, I've tried some Gibby Standards and Studios, and I loved them. But, I know Gibsons are overrated, and I know of many complains due to the new "weight-relief" thing, which reduces the guitar's sustain.

Another thing I have in mind is that this is a once-in a lifetime opportunity, since my parents probably wouldn't be happy to spend this amount of money.

All in all, I don't want to waste my money or my parents, so I'm asking what should I do?

Get a Gibson?
Buy something else? (I want no comments about my amp)
Keep saving and use the money later on?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: There are no GC or big guitar stores where I live, and buying online is something I wouldn't want to try.

(Sorry for big wall of text)
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Get an ESP

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i wouldnt personally get a ESP..

maybe a PRS?? or Ibanez.. maybe the JS1000?

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I agree with the earlier post.....Get an ESP.

Check the website and look at the Eclipse IIs. Amazing sound, features, sustain, durability, playability, and every ability.

Don't waste money on an expensive Gibson (personally I think they are overrated for the price) when you can get a better guitar for less money. Actually it will be less money depending on the gibson you want...and it sounds like you're going to spend 2 grand, so it will be less expensive.

True though, that ESPs are primarily metal guitars, and the Eclipse II comes with emg active pickups, but CAN play every kind of music. The clean sound that comes from them is amazing. Depends on your amp too.

No matter what you decide to get, I strongly suggest not getting a Gibson, because there are so many awesome guitars out there that can do the same for less money.

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I doubt you'd want an ESP. I wouldn't recommend getting a studio, and don't spend $2200 on a Gibson (or any guitar really) but if you find one you like for a decent price, than it could be the last guitar you'd ever need.

EDIT: ESPs are primarily metal guitars. Even their Les Paul clones have active pups in them and aren't any cheaper than the Gibsons.

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Try an Epiphone. xD

For real though, get something else if you don't want an LP or a Gibson.

Who knows, you might something you like better than your LP!
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That's a tough one. Personally, I wouldn't get a Gibson. I'd say "thanks, but I'd prefer to get something more personal" and use the money to buy parts to make my own guitar. Infact, I did this, and now I have a Strat which probably would have cost me £1000 (about $1500) if I bought it premade considering the parts I used, but it cost only about £400 (about $600).

It is wrong to spend over $2000 on one guitar, I think you could spend it much more wisely... and that's coming from someone with Les Paul in their name!