Okay, so Ive been on these kind of medicines for about 4 months now. I was starting to see some major improvements up until this month, where not much has changed. my dermatologist said that sometimes with these medicines to get to a point and you hit a "hill", where you dont progress much for a while, but when you get over the little hump you're much better off afterwards. So basicly my questions are...

Has anyone in the pit taken these medicines? and if you have how long was it before your doctor took you off of the medication completely?
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i went on tetracycline....or something like that. had a reaction to it, and had to go off and onto a antihistamine instead to get rid of the reaction.

so, i went the prescription-topical route, and that worked very well. and am using proactiv now for control with facial acne, and its going well.

yeah, thats my story.