Howdy All..

I would really appreciate it if you guys could check out the site and the music to let me know what you think. We've put alot of time and effort into the stuff we are doing and its nice to be recognized every once and awhile.


PS if you like what we're doing lets trade website links...we can all help each other to the top!
i think its excellent......i like the melody.....the only thing i dont like is the guitar riff during the verse....great during the chorus but the verse seems kinda all over the place
Thanks for the input!!! I'd love to hear all the comments good or bad. Which song were you refering too in the verse part?
during the first song it was good however I didn't the vocal part during the intro of the guitar solo
It still hasn't loaded the page after 30 minutes *has gay computer*
La la la la la la