Found a Dean Baby-Z model (black) second hand, bloody good condition for £90 in my local music shop. Is this a good buy? I really should know this, but I'm not a big Dean know-it-all and I have no idea about their ranges. I've been looking for a decent guitar to stick my couple of Seymour Duncan Invaders onto.
dean for 90... seems like a good deal... i'm not really into such guitars, check some reviews... ask the previous owner why did he/she sell it, what was wrong with it etc...

but yeah in general it seems to be a good deal =)
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Not a good guitar, a great guitar!

Excellent for a project guitar, and for £90 you cant go wrong, its better than some crap ibanez or squire with a terrible quality of wood

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well thats like.....150 dollars right....
you can buy a new one for 199....

and I have played one before and I think they are pretty cheaply made..... and feel kinda awkward to play... but if you are into that go for it
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i personally think theyr terrible
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it woulds be a cool canvas for a project guitar. trick it out with some quality parts man. like you said, you have some duncans to put in it.
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I have the regular Dean ZX, and it's a great guitar. I'm pretty sure the Baby is similar, but I've never played one. I'd get it. Do whatever you want, I think the Invaders would sound nice in it. You may like the stock pups though.
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