In my profile. We finally got the vocals recorded. I'll warn you it's a rough recording and no where near perfect, but let me know what you think. Constructive criticism please.
Its definitely got potential...though the vocals need some work.

Even though it's a rough recording, it was good overall, mixed decently. I'd say that for the guitar sound, you may want to pick something with a bit more treble, so it'll stand out a bit more. Bass was good, and though I wasn't sure if the drums were programmed or not, they sounded pretty good as well.

The vocals were a bit more harsh than is necessary, you might want to have whomever is doing them try to get a bit more bass in his range, or just add it when you're mixing, but other than that, good job man, hope to hear more.

Thank you. Yeah I was thinking the same about the vocals. His problem is he can't get very loud with them and they sometimes sound weak. We'll definitely address that in the studio. As for the guitar, I was'nt completely satisfied with the sound either. My dad works nightshift so I can't crank my amp during the day and a lot of frequencies get lost at low volume. So you can imagine we're very eager to enter the studio. Again, thank you for the advice, it was very helpful.