Thanks for the feedback on the BEST amp, I think i'm going to go for a Orange setup, so my next question is: What would be a good setup for giging? I play mostly modern rock and hardcore/metal. I have a 200w Pa system with 16 channel mixer. What would be the best route to go? Half stack 50w or 100w, any other equip suggestions? processors, noise gates, etc.

Basically: Whats the best way to get a good tone, when playing a show?
Run your guitar through a compressor, then any other pedals that you personally want, into the amp which is mic'd up to the PA
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i would say ur 200watt pa is a bit small to gig with, anywhere u play should have its own PA
But yeh anything tbh works playing loud. if ur amp has good tone, then it will have good tone live, i seen people playing off 15watt amps live which had good tone
Thanks, the Pa Is used mainly for vocals, bass and drums. I Have a Peavey supreme half stack, and its plenty loud enough un-miked but the tone BLOWS
the best way i've done it is to have a 50w combo amp that has an external speaker out, so i can use it as a head on a cab if i need more power, which i do sometimes, and if you make it a tube amp, (i have a vox 50w valvetronix) it'll have nice power...