Well, the thing is, every now and again, this reaally annoying security pop-up thing comes up.

There it is.

Red Arrow: The pop-up. It reads "rules automatically created for program: Symantec LiveUpdate". As I'm sure a few of you know, Symantec makes Norton. So I don't understand why it's making security 'rules'.

The pop-up appears every 5 mins or so in groups of fours (you click ok and it pops up again 3 more times).

Green Arrow: As you can see, it also makes me get off the window I'm on, so whatever I'm typing, such as this thread for example, it stops.

I've tried disabling Internet Security, and this works, but then I run the risk of getting viruses, and with friends like mine on MSN ( ) you would want this.


Any help appreciated.

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get rid of norton
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