I want to make my bands (Hell Forgot Her www.myspace.com/hellforgother) myspace look alot more professional, so i was wondering how you change the contact table for example

i just wanted to know codes and resolutions basically

like what resolution is the contact box (i.e 600x400)
and what is the code i use to use a block image as the sole contact box

what resolution is the background
and what is the code to change it

how do i make a banner at the top of the page and keep it there

and are there any templates to make your own contact box just so i know where the text goes excactly, fanks
google it. thats what i did and i came up with some good stuff. the sites will sort out the code based on the options you pick, then you just paste that into the band bio section and it should work. however, you will probably end up with a "this myspace was edited by 'such and such'" tag at the end of your bio. otherwise, learn html also off google. google's great, ain't it :P
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Look up Myspace Generators/layouts/etc.

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lol i dont think the name is that bad.

the big banner at the top is called a div overlay
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