I have bin playing guitar for like 3 years and i have worked way hard being able to play fast with out playing like a cluster**** of noise and sitting down i sound great but when i perform live i feel like my fingers are having trouble playing fast and accurate like im stretching to far, If anyone has any suggestions to workouts or other suggestions to help me with the dumb problem i could use a few. Also i have a Fender Strat and a Jackson Flying V. When i play me strat its more comfortable to me and faster to play on but it doesnt give the metal tone i want since there week pickups and i cant use the whammy with out going out of tune is there a guitar out there like a Esp, Jackson, shecter or some sort of metal guitar that will give me that fast action and comfortable neck,because my jackson cost more then the Strat but it doesnt feel right, Any Suggestions thanks.......
Sitting down gives you much easier access to the fretboard as the guitar is higher up your body. Try making your strap shorter so the guitar is higher up and from now on after you've learnt a new song always practise stood up, you'll soon get better at playing stnding.
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


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Try raising your guitar up when you stand up, make it so its the at the same height standing up as sitting down
Hey man,

I had the same problem as you had and this might sound a bit standart, but just dont sit any more when your playing, practice everything like you perform on stage and eventually youll play better when your standing then when your sitting down...

It worked for me, and I can run, jump, headbang and that kind of stuff on stage now when I play with my band, whithout making (to much) mistakes xD

Good luck with practicing and ofcourse your band