a friend of mine is just about to quit playing guitar has swapped me his 80watt valvestate for my fender frontman 15watt practice amp. i will use this for giging and recording but is it loud enough to do small gigs?
also is there anyway i can used headphones iin the valvestate? if not it looks like am gonna hav to buy a new practice amp
Unless there is a headphone jack in the amp then I don't think you can use headphones through them.

EDIT: and yes as far as i know it will be plenty loud to do gigs, if not then just mic it up.
the hum will be kinda bad though so i suggest getting a noise gate if you plan on having it on high volumes.
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The 8080 will be loud enough to do small gigs. Is it a 1x12 or 2x12? Just curious. I used to have a 1x12 8080 I bought in 96 or 97 can't remember. There is no headphone jack in that amp either.

But yeah it should do ya fine!
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erm i dont know whether its 1x12 or 2x12?
how do i find out
and iv just looked on another website and it says you can do this:
guitar--->valvestate----->other amp(from line out to input) and plug headphones in the other amp
willthis work?
1x12 = one speaker
2x12 = two speakers

and theoretically yes you could do that.
not sure if you'll get the tone of the bb blaster or the marshall instead though
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