Heres the deal for x-mas i asked for the "Flip it" video camera.

It's got awesome video quality for the price($125-150)

But it does not take pictures

So heres my question, what camera(s) are just as good as the "Flip it" if not better yet takes pictures? Price range preferably under $175ish

Though I'm mostly concerned about the video quality. But I don't want it to have a bad quality camera.

Also if you must know, most of my videos will be guitar covers, so if you have a bitchin' camera you use for cover thats around $175ish please tell me.

im getting a fuji S1000 10 mpx digital SLR camera for chrismas, but i think thats gonna be outside your budget

but the S5800 is the same but 8 mpx, great pictures, great video. and within your budget, i reccomend that
hmm i searched it on Best Buy and Circuit City and nothing came up, I should probably mention that my parents do not have credit cards so they're aren't shopping online.