well. right now Im working on the solo to creeping death. I find it hard to play this with 11's. any recommendation on string size? i usually use d'addario if that helps. Thanks
Well, if your playing it in E, I would recommend dropping to 10's. I find 9's to work great too, but I get better tone with the 10's, and can still bend fine.
I use the dunlop zakk wylde signature heavy gauge strings and I love them. The top 3 strings(G,B and high E) have the same thickness as 10's, but the 3 lower strings is extra heavy. I love the fact that you can play lightning fast at the top strings and downtuned heavy **** with the lower strings.
you can get plain 10's or d'addario also make light top heavy bottoms which are 10's for plain strings and like 32 42 52 for the bottom or something. might be a good compromise
If he's playing Creeping Death, which is in E, he don't need heavy top skinny bottom strings guys. Plain 9's or 10's will be fine.