Steve Vai Pedal for sale

The legendary Bad Horsie Wah as used by Steve Vai himself. If you`re after something a bit classy, give this a try. It`s extremely well built in both its sturdy and durable exterior as well as its extremely well designed circuitry, thus making it one of the best wahs on the market.

Special features include the lack of switches-simply step on to engage the wah, electro-optical circuitry-no pots to wear out and maintains the signal integrity without altering the guitars character in wah and bypass modes, owing to it`s high quality ciruitry.

The Bad Horsie differs from the Bad Horsie in the additional `Contour` feature; in contour mode to knobs allow you to alter the frequency and level of the wah - adding further versatility to one the very best wahs you can buy!

Wanting around £60 for pedal with £5 for postage...