I'm assuming it's something that goes in your effects loop as an "attenuator?"

No, it doesn't work.
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Just curious, are there any cheaper attenuators besides the Hot Plate one? I really don't need all the extra features of that one.
Weber MINIMass, possibly. Everyone I know who's tried it says it sounds far better than the Hot Plate...perhaps due to the fact it's basically just a coneless speaker?
It will allow you to get preamp saturation on the clean channel which will sound much better than the hot rod deluxe/deville and blues deluxe's drive channel. That being said, you could easily build one yourself for about 5 bucks.


That's how you make one
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I'm assuming if the one in the link works, the other one probably would work too.

You think if you made two of those and put a switch on one, you could use the one with a switch for a boost pedal?
No, it's not boosting anything, it's just cutting the signal to the power amp.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I understand what it does. But let's say you made two of those boxes. The first one would lower the volume. The second one would be the same volume when it's off, but when you stomp it on, would slightly boost the volume.

Theoretically, that should work.
No, the first one would still be on, the most the second could do would be match the other one. For you system to work the box would have two of those dials and the switch would select between one and the otheer.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not