Ok so my experiment involves finding the average temperature change for five masses of Ammonium Nitrate when they are dissolved in 100g (or cm ^3) of water.

This is plotted on a graph and then the line of best fit is expanded to find the average temp change if 80g was dissolved. From this the enthalpy change in solution is worked out.
=mass*4.18*temp change

first of all should i use 100g as the mass (of water), becuase surely 80g of ammonium will not dissolve in 100g of water, but i cnat chage the mass of water :S.

And lastly how do i work out the uncertainty ( margins of errors) for the enthalpy change.
the mas has an uncertainty of +/-0.2 and temperature change has one of +/-0.5.

I realize probably no one would be able to help me but im kinda desperate.
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Science/Math Help Thread.
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