In England the convention is a 5 day week with 2 days for weekend. I'm pretty sure it's the same in the US. I can't really speak for any other countries but I imagine its mainly the same.

Do you think it could ever work having a 4 day week with a 3 day weekend ? Or would the economy just crumble. I'm in a lazy mood pit, I want reassurance that the country wouldn't crumble if we had 3 day weekends
I have a 7day weekend! Yay Un-employment!!

Can I have a dolla?
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Holy Mackerel!!

(just kidding )

Yeah that'd probly screw up the economy... the US is going under with the normal 2 day weekend. If anything they need a 7 day week.
its stupid so yes.

I think 5 day weeks work fine.

and i hate the weekends, cos i never do **** all!
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