Hey guys,

I posted a video up on YouTube of me playing an instrumental peice i wrote a few years ago.

I just wondered if you guys could give me some feedback... I imagined it to feel and sound like a Braveheart meets Lord of the Rings piece back when i wrote it.

Anywho, the link is http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w4v6btQNHoE

And I'm using a crappy Encore semi-acoustic as it's always tuned to DADDAD which is the tuning for this piece.

well, its super simple but it has a cool feel to it. Id like to see more variation, but sometimes the simple things are just better that way...

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Retreat to the hills.... Gee, that doesn't sound almost exactly like a certain Iron Maiden song, with the exception of the first word which a variant of Run.

But, anyway, cool song man.
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Thanks, I wrote it for a university music project looking at Celtic and Rennaissance Drones and combined it with the minimalistic movement using open tuning. I'm a Primary School teacher so it's basically something that the children with some knowledge on guitars can pick up easily.
It's very simple to play but that's what i wanted to convey, the actual recording of it sounds like two guitars when in fact it is one being played extremely basically.