Do any of you guys make a living through your music? I'm hoping to move to London in a few years time to start up a musical project of my own and I'm looking for tips.
london? how old are you? i make a living, i live in orlando, and it's not a grande living, but it's enough for a one room apartment and a car payment without anyone helping me, but it's taken a few years to get to this point, i've been doing it for 4 and i'm 23...
best tip i can give you-go to as many local shows as humanly possible, friends, friends bands, anyone you know, because they know someone else who knows someone else... you get the picture
17's not too bad, but i would try to make it wherever you are first, if you can't make it where you live now, you can't make it anywhere else... plus if you start going to peoples shows, they start coming to yours
i've been told that you basically shouldn't ever turn down a legit gig. a legit gig is basically any gig that isn't pay to play that can put you out there to make ANY amount of money at all and get you some fans. if its a coffee shop, a bar or a big stage, go and play music.
The nearest music scene to me is about 25 miles away. There aren't any like-minded musicians where I live so I guess I could go solo or keep searching.
yeah, gigging's number 2, never turn down a gig just cuz they won't pay you it doesn't matter that much, you have to pay your dues, money can't matter until you get 2 gigs on the same night, and one will pay you and the other one won't... then it's pretty clear which one you should take... but then again, i've done 2 gigs in one night...
keep searching... that's the worst part. find someone first. if there's no music scene then make one!! besides, you'd be AMAZED at the music scene that's right in front of you, the thing about music scenes is they like to stay hidden, so until you find them, you don't even know it's there
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First piece of advice, and this is crucial:
I know you're dream is probably to play rock music, but let's face it: the array of job oppurtunities outside of 'rock star' in this field is miniscule. Learn to play jazz, pop, R&B, classical, etc... You might not make millions, but you will be able to make a comfortable living. As somebody who used to work in this field, there is at least one area that will always need musicians with a high level of sight-reading experience: Cruise Ships. Don't laugh, it's a steady gig that pays you, feeds you, and let's you travel. There are many, many ****ty things about it, but if you want to be a musician, it's good to always have a source of income at your disposal. So everyday, work on your reading.
Number two: Learn to do everything. Know how to play your instrument very well, but also know how to operate a studio, how to do live sound, how to be a road manager... these are all potential sources of income.
Number three: Be personable. Know how to talk to people and leave an impression that says 'I am easy to get along with. I am professional. I will show up on time, do the work, and make life easy on everyone.' Check your ego at the door. That being said...
Number four: Don't be a pushover. If you are owed money, collect it. Be a pain in the ass. In this business, nobody is watching out for you but you. Be aware that this is a business, and treat it as such. I would even go to school and take some marketing and business classes to learn how to operate as a business.
Number five: Be persistent. There is no such thing as overnight success. Keep trying, no matter what, if this is really what you are determined to do.

By the way, this is the company I used to work for. If you are interested in pursuing a career in music, take a look at the website, and see if you have what it takes to perform on cruise ships.
my neithbor does it and he only plays on weekends and wendesday and he as a nice house a wife and a kid and 2 cars. this is how he does it, he is a really good bussiness man and his band plays at wedding, big holiday gigs and high paying gigs he spends all week to get good paying gigs and does pop covers also he plays at church he says they pay good