i plugged it in and nothing happened, my wall adapter isn't powering it, and the outlet is working, i put a 9v in it and then it startd blinking this dark red, and still no sound... pretty bad explination... any ideas?
any signal going through it at all?

Step on it hard, (not too hard ofcourse) needs to click to engage.

Red light indicates either low battery or it being off, a light touch on the pedal is a tap tempo.. hard press will click it on/off.
Could be, is it able to take batteries? (Sorry if it's a stupid question, I haven't looked at one before.)

EDIT: I just checked. Try throwing a battery in it and see if it works.
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Ah... aaages ago when I owned one, I did have a little trouble with 9volt adapters!

Some worked with it, some didn't... I'm not sure why though, as all the adapters worked with my digitech pedals.