a friend of mine is just about to quit playing guitar has swapped me his 80watt valvestate for my fender frontman 15watt practice amp. i will use this for giging and recording but is it loud enough to do small gigs?
also is there anyway i can used headphones iin the valvestate? if not it looks like am gonna hav to buy a new practice amp

1)is the valvestate 8080v loud enough on its own for small gigs?
2)is there anyway i can use headphones for practicing with the valvestate 8080v?
1. Probably.
2. Not without some serious modifications, no.
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If it hasn't got a 'headphone' or 'line out' jack anywhere, no. Don't try plugging headphones anywhere else, or fiery death may ensue .

And instead of buying a new practice amp, maybe consider software-based amp sims, they can sound a hell of a lot better and give you tons of versatility. Google for (free) demos of Guitar Rig, Amplitube and Revalver for starters.
If it's got a line out, you can run a cable from that into your computer/hi-fi/BB Blaster (if you're really desperate) and then use the headphones from that. Seems like a long-winded way of doing things though.
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