i had recently purchased a dean xm zone bass about 2 weeks ago,
and, lacking decent funds, have no bass amp.

i have a smal 15 watt fender frontman amp that i used for my old squier bass that broke on me.

the squier worked,
but the zone doesn't.

anyone know why exactly???
Check the volume knobs.
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Take your bass to a guitar store, try it out on one of there amps, if it doesn't work, ask tehm to check it out for you, check the pick-ups ect.
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could be a cable problem as well. And do you mean a fender frontman GUITAR amp? Or is there a bass amp version?
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cant be a cord problem,
i got a 12ft monster,
supposed to work for both.
and yes its a GUITAR amp,
ik its dangerous to use it for a bass.
I have a 30w guitar practice amp for my bass... it rattles a little, but if you keep it at low volumes, it should be fine.

Your Dean could be active and the 9V is dead. If it's passive, then it could be anything from a wiring issue to the input. My advice...take it back to where you got it, and demand the world.

Seriously, return and get a new one. That's crap that it doesn't work.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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