looking for a od to put my fender styled amp into a rory gallagher/srv sort of over drive, was drawn to the hardwire and nobels because oof the eq's and help would be great any other suggestions welcome just not tubescreamers
I recommend trying first?
I would say hardwire because I haven't had any experience with the others, and I'm partial to digitech hardwire at the moment :P

Do you know the exact model of your amp?
Id take the mosfet if you can afford it.

But the CM-2 aint no push over either and youll be very happy with it if you do buy it.

I compared the two yesterday, i didnt take back the CM-2, it sounds diffrent but diffrent dosent necessarily mean its bad.

I liked how much simpler the CM-2 was over the Mosfet.

The mosfet is one of the most transparent OD's ive played trough tough.

They both offer the same range of overdrives but to me the CM-2 is a simpler format.
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the CM-2 will give you all the Boost you need for anything and it sounds great try it out.

But yah as these guys have stated if you can go for the MOsfet just cause it comes with the Boost also.

If it wasnt for the boost IMO it would fall flat on its face next to the CM-2.
fulldrive II. three modes. versatility. top of the line quality.

that last factor can make a difference between mass produced pedals and hand made ones. sounds like a close call really, but i have yet to try the CM-2 yet!
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^yup there great, the Fulldrives.

with these two id have to say its not about the quality or money its about preference.

I also found that theres a tiny lack of lo end on the Fulldrive especially with the OD past 3 oclock, the boost side helps with this problem tough and the OD side sounds splendid non the less.

The Boss was just horrible with this issue and it was completely noticeable.