I'm thinking about finally putting new pickups in my stock Ibanez S470. I was thinking either Dimarzio's or SD's. I play mostly rock/metal, ranging from Zeppelin, Rush, Coheed to Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, etc. However when I do play more classic rock-ish songs I still play them somewhat heavier than originally played.

So basically I'm looking for a hard rock/metal set of pickups. Similar to modern metalcore bands, but the ability to play hard rock and some classic rock. A good bridge pickup without too bright of a sound, and a good neck pickup for soloing that's not muddy.

I sometimes play clean, I dont need anything exceptional just a nice smooth/clear sound. My guitar is mahogany, has a locking bridge, and I'm playing through a Peavey XXX tube amp.
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seymour duncans. JB in the bridge, 59 in the neck thats what i have in my S470, its incredible and extremely versatile
If high, you're the kind of person who'll get the absolute most out of Bare Knuckle Nailbombs. They meet your requirements EXACTLY.
If a bit lower, DiMarzios are the way to go. I think a Tone Zone would suit you nicely in the bridge, or perhaps a D-Sonic (bar magnet facing neck).
For the neck, try the PAF Pro or Joe. Pro will be brighter, Joe will be more vintage-ish.
If you have a middle pickup, try a Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues. If not, well, don't.