6-pinky 5-ring 3-index slide to 1 with index, 3-ring 6-jump over to it with pinky 3-middle 2-index

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oh u m33n the part just before the chorus.


ok first. you kinda like cover the 3 bass string from the 6th fret to the 5th fret. then jump up to the 3rd fret. then, hit the open string while resting your thumb behind the 3rd fret.

then hit the 3rd fret again. now this part is kinda tricky. hit the 5th string with your ring finger(you can use the middle finger) while STILL resting your pointer finger in the third fret. then strum while releasing your ring finger. then finally, hit the open string

try do it slowly, then do it faster when you get the hang of it. good luck
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