Hi all, looking for a little help with my amp. It's a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. I turned it on, and...... NOTHING....... WHERES THE MUSIC

I run the amp with through a GNX 3000. So I disconnected from the GNX and plugged straight into the amp. I plugged into "Input1" and then I tried "Input 2". Neither input will work. Then I plugged into the "Power amp in", and I got sound.

I'm wondering if I blew the tubes or maybe there's a seperate xformer for those inputs?

Is there a way to look at or test a tube if it's good or not

Thnaks all
If neither input works and the cable is good, then it's quite likely you had one of the other tubes go bad.

Does the amp light up when you turn it on? If not, check the fuse. Also verify it's plugged in and is getting AC. Yes, it happens.

Also, check the tubes after you get it on and out of standby. Look for a tube that's obviously running a lot hotter than the other ones - perhaps the plates are orange. If so, shut it down immediately until you resolve the problem.

Some amps use tubes for a phase inverter, as well as the effects loop. With the amp turned off and armed with the knowledge of what the tubes do, you can swap them. This will help narrow down the failure to a single tube. Most likely it's one of the preamp tubes - such as a 12AX7.
Missed the part about getting sound from the Power Amp In jack. Chances are, you have one preamp tube that handles the Input 1 and 2 jacks. That tube is the one I'd look at, or the phase inverter, if your amp uses it. Also, as mentioned earlier, if your amp uses a tube in the effects loop, that's another culprit.
Thanks, that gives me a good starting point. I did look in the back real quick, theres 3 smaller tubes, cant get any numbers off of those. There's also 2 bigger ones...GT6L6B.

All the tubes have a dim glow to them except for one the bigger ones. Sooooo, it looks like a blew out a tube I guess.

I any idea how much these tubes run?