For Carmel


We took the train outside the city, across the empty, black night.

When we got to the town,
Outside the station
The other passengers stood in a line to get onto a bus.
The void we'd just crossed made it seem like
They were queuing up to be brought to another life;
An afterlife,
Leaving just us. Two souls, still, outside in the cold.

Although lit, the streets were l[ ]eless.
Lifeless just like a ghost town.

Lights hung across,
------------------------------From one side of the main road
----------------------------------------------------------------------------To the other.

Th[] Ch[ ]tm[]s tr[ ] looked l[ ]e somebody forgot to f[ ]ish
De[ ]a[]ing it.

The Christmas tree looked like somebody had decorated it
A long time ago and since then it had just gro[]n and grown
Until the lights that marked that season were just a crown it wore.

I was told that nobody lives, here, and that no thing happens.
Just like a ghost town.

We climbed the hill, to a house with a blazing tree on its roof
And everything seemed more and more like a dream.
It was wonder-filled.

My time outside, at this [ ]n soon ran out.
I said goodbye to my companion, my guide.
I closed the gap between us, leaning,
For a kiss that chilled. For a taste of
Frozen lips --
Nothing ever happens here.
-- lips that tol[ ]d
Me so.

As I rode the train alone, across the dark nothing
Back to the city,
My ears rang.
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