Doing some research for a new amp.

worth the buy??

i got a dean ml , and it sounds from reviews and research it's a good metal amp.

i hear the cleans are mediocre but i can get a boss acoustic simulator.
id go for a B-52 at100 for a little extra, or a bugera 333 for the same amount
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Quote by 36mikeyb36
id go for a B-52 at100

I agree. Get the AT-212, it sounds awesome. Its discountinued, but GC had one and sold it to me for 500 USD. It sounds amazing, brutal as hell. The clean channel is immaculate. Its a perfect amp IMO. Or if GC doesnt have one, go AT-112 for 500 USD. Same thing, only its 60 watts with one speaker instead of 100 watts with 2.