What are the laws for minors playing in bars? I am particularly looking at Washington state.

Thank you.
I mistook the words "minors" and "bars" as they are in the musical sense. I was very confused.
someplaces you are allowed to play but you have to wait in another room where you can't get served alcohol while not playing

They should let you play but you can't even get near the bar past a certain time, probably 9pm-ish.
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they probably wont let you

I second this assumption, but am not sure.

Your best bet would be to look through the Revised Code of Washington, which is available online through the legislature's website. I seriously doubt anyone on here is intimately familiar with Washington law, so I would recommend you do the research yourself so you can be absolutely sure what the legal ramifications would be if you were to play in a bar.
Familiarize yourself with Washington law, then come play in New Orleans where your age doesn't matter.
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I've never had too many problems. As long as you have a face to face conversation with the bar owner and explain to him that you are here to play music, not to drink. Especially if you break the news to him that your under age AFTER hes promised you money for the gig.
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Familiarize yourself with Washington law, then come play in New Orleans where your age doesn't matter.

And all you need is a pair of rubber boots so you don't get your socks wet.
I started giggin live when I was 20 (and 10 1/2 months), but all the other members of the band were 30+ so they didn't even look at me twice. I was thusly able to drink my first bar beer exactly 6 weeks earlier than I should have. I felt so naughty.
Just draw an X on your hand and have the owner tell the bar tenders not to serve drinks to the kids with an X on their hands. It worked for Minor Threat and that started straight edge.
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the best place around here (Floyds for anybody in tallahassee) makes people wear wristbands by age, so it wouldnt be a big deal there, but floyds is meant for playing music, bar second...but you could probably work something like that out with the managers
Why do you need to play in a bar? Wouldn't it just be easier to try to get a gig at Studio 7 or Club Impact(MAYBE even el corazon). But I wouldn't think you're big enough to play the showbox yet...
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