Jackson KE3 Kelly
This was bought on January of 05, it is a Jackson KE3 with the Crimson Swirl Paintjob. It is bolt-on, alder body, rosewood fretboard and jackson tremolo. The tremolo works great and stays in tune. It comes with 2 Duncan Designed pickups. This originally came with just one volume knob but i added a tone knob as well. Along with this comes the Jackson official molded hardshell case, which can no longer be obtained separately (you only get it if you buy the much more expensive ke2). I am looking for $435 for the guitar + hardshell case.


LK Ivey
Strat shaped. Gold hardware, licensed floyd rose. It has a natural satin finish, neckthru construction. The pickups are no names, however they are very good, and cut through with a very clear tone. This guitar includes a softshell gig bag. My asking price is $350


1x Set of
2 EMG 81s including easy clip wires, 2x battery clips and a dpdt 3 pole switch. This is for to have the option of 9 or 18v.
145 shipped and paypal

No longer looking for any trades.
is that an invader in the neck?

you say your not interested in any trades?

guitar is sweet either way...how does the invader handle the neck?
They are not invaders but rather they are designed after the invader. Both sound good and have hot output.
Something i forgot to mention. The EMG81 shown in the image is no longer in the Kelly, it now has the stock bridge pickup. The price reflects this change as it was 500 before.

On another note. Price drop

400 + shipping on kelly
350 + shipping on ivey
135 Shipped and PP'd on emgs.

If you buy the emgs and either guitar you can make the emgs 100 shipped and pp'd
500 kelly + emgs
450 ivey + emgs
How much for the LK Ivey shipped to Limerick, Ireland.
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