So today I stabbed myself in the face with a pencil . Yes, myself stabbed in the face. It's just didn't poke it actually stabbed and like the whole part of the pencil without the orange covering broke off and stayed in my skin. Well, now the whole part of my face is BLACK where it stabbed. I soaked my face in warm water for like 5 minutes, washed my face until it's raw and I'm getting ready to take a shower because of it.

Pit how can get my face back to normal.
Stationary ownage.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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Is the pencil end still lodged in your FACE?

Go to the ****ING HOSPITAL!
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use a rubber?
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suck it up. I have pieces of lead still in my stomach, knee, arm and back of my neck. Its no big deal. Its not like it'll hurt you. It's just a little black dot.
1. take the pecil out of your face
2. clean the greusome wound out with hydrogen peroxide
3. bandaid
4. think up a cooler more wicked story to tell everyone so they wont think your a tool
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use a rubber?

bravo my friend, bravo.
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Well, I got the pencil out. But it like wrote on the inside of my skin were it was stabbed. I would just leave it alone but it looks like a giant discolored mole on my face.

I knew this would ensure epic lulz.