I think they're called pots; the volume and tone posts. I'm putting some new Seymour Duncan pickups in a guitar and was told that i'd be better served with 500k pots. Hot Rails and quarter pounder for strat. The guitar has 250k pots.

When should 250k, 500k or 1 meg pots be used? I really couldn't find much on the web on what they mean and when used. Anyone know? Thanks!

check out their answer to this. they make it simple to understand.

some high treble humbuckers sound better with a warmer 250k.

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250K pots give a slightly warmer tone than 500K because the 250K bleeds off some of the high frequencies.

250K = warmer
500K = brighter
1 Meg = brightest

Usually, 250K pots are used with single-coil pickups and and 500Ks are used with humbuckers. You'd hear your guitar "wide open" (with all the highs) using 1 Meg pots.
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