hey guys

im looking for a new metal guitar

iv got about a £400 budget
i would like a fixed bridge and active pickups

any ideas anyone

i fell in love with the BC Rich The Assassin PX3T but its floating and is passive

any thoghts much apreciated thanks
Dont ever buy a cheap BC Rich for a start

I'd go for an Ibanez SA or a Cort, i think they both have active pups. If not just buy an active hum for the bridge separate.
Ibanez' are amazing, i recomend them any day, theres lots of cheaper models with fixed bridges, i have an RG series & love it.

schecters are ok, but will typically cost more if u get a hellraiser model with active pickups.EDIT: thinking back to my schecter dont get one. its not worth it.

ill search for an example ibanez
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Basically if you dont care about the brand name look up Cort's. They're essentially Ibanez's without the logo, and you'll get a much better guitar for the same price.