ok. im kind of new to here, and i think this might be my first post.

with that aside, im a guitarist who has been playing for a little over 2 years, and i consider myself a good guitarist. with that said, im self taught and can pick anything out by ear and am pretty good at the technical guitar woork, like sweeps and alternate picking scales, etc.

but heres the thing. as i get more and more into guitar, i find myself getting more and more into music as a whole, and i think its kinda sad that i got as good as i am now by just learning songs and a few online videos.

and my question is this: is there any online articles or videos either on this site or some other sites that can help me to understand EVERYTHING there is to know about how music is composed and where certain notes are on a guitar and all that stuff.

btw, when i say that im "good", im not trying myself sound like some prophecy or something, because i most certailny am not haha. im just a kid who wants to understand the basic principles of music to further my learning in guitar.

There are plenty of lessons on this website that can help you understand music. The best place to start is the major scale. That might be the most important thing that you ever learn as a musician, because without an understanding of it, you won't be properly equipped to learn things like chord formation. You could learn the shapes, but you probably wouldn't really understand it.

After the major scale, I would tell you to learn how to form chords, and harmonize the major scale. After that, modes.

A lot of the things that you learn on this website, in terms of theory, you may find that you already know. You'll just be recieving the explanation to all of it (which is always nice). You've probably learned a bunch of shapes by now though playing other peoples songs.
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Don't expect that your gonna know everthing in 2 years. It take years to understand theory and stuff.

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Don't expect that your gonna know everthing in 2 years. It take years to understand theory and stuff.

oh yeah. i know nothing when it comes to music as a whole. im looking for articles and lessons to make me a better guitarist and make me more musically sound.