could def. hear korn influence. thought it was a pretty sweet song. vocals kind of left me wanting a little more. the first verse seemed weak, but the second was kinda sweet. i thought it couldve used more later in the song. i enjoyed listening, keep up the good work. you should comment me back on www.myspace.com/malorium
Like the guy above me said, the guitars intro was actually pretty cool and I like how you kept returning to it. Normally I wouldn't really care for these types of vocals, but I thought they fit the song pretty nicely. I thought that the instrumental section was a bit boring just because it seemed sort of generic to me. I think that if the instrumental section was rewritten more to fit the clown theme, meaning a bit less heavy, that it could add more character to the say and be a bit more interesting. It isn't that bad for a two minute song though.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1016967
This really reminds me of Korn when they were at their best.I haven't heard anyone else capture that sound ever.

Nice use of unconventional sounds on the verse.I would say the guitar sounds a little too dry though.Warm it up a bit.Though the vocals are cool I would love to hear something in the same style as on the Korn song "Sean Olson."It suprisingly works well as a short song.I don't really see any reason to make it longer.

I am a fan for sure.
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Definatly reminds me of Korn, but the good korn. I liked it alot, one complaint i have is the volume of the guitars, turn em up man! Other than that, tight ****!
Korn and Slipknot influence? Instrumental wise I thought it was cool. Love the guitar in the verse. The vocals could be more aggressive in my opinion though. Kind of expected them to be given the music.
When the volume is low the intro sounds like headstrong, just sayin, I like all of your bands songs. I think I might add you.
I like the guitar, but i hate vocals and you should find a actually drummer, I really the guitar at the end

ps thanks for the crit
Sounds great. Really well recorded and mixed and everything is right on point. If you guys get a drummer I think you'd be on your way!

dude, that **** was kill, for real (returnign the crit) but hella dude lemme get some tabs! haha that **** was hella koo
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