Ok this is a fairly common thread but anyways.....

I've been playing for a year and am itching to buy an effect. I already have a crybaby wah and I play thru a fender superchamp. I like mainly classic rock and blues but my taste goes all over the map. I have been thinking about getting an ibanez tube screamer but I just wanted to get some input on other types of effects that are out there.
well first of what model fender super champ is it.

And a TS type pedal is never the wrong way to go.

If anything it should be one of the first pedals you should buy.

Start of with the basics.

I recomend the Hardwire CM-2, the tubescreamer is nice but this baby takes you to another level for the same price.

Another thing that i think would come usefull to get diffrent sounds is another simple pedal.

I want one to i just heard about these a couple days ago.


there pretty cheap and from what i hear they do wonders to your range of tone.
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I suck with abbreviations, DD3? I probably wouldn't get a delay because my amp has delay on it. It also has reverb, tremelo, vibrato and chorus effects in it so I'm trying to find things outside of those areas