After many failures trying to start a band, and about 300 name changes for a band (many hours of brainstorming names to no avail) I just read the Online Band thread, and this sounds like a very interesting idea. What kind of things would I need to start an online band? Webcams? Vocal mics? etc?
Anyways, once I get what I need, I would be willing to get started.

I have been playing guitar for almost 2 years (I know, not very long). I am thinking of a band that likes funk, indie, and progressive rock (metal, meh, not my thing) Something around the lines of RHCP, Mars Volta, Frusciante's solo work, etc. If anyone is interested in thinking up something, feel free to post. I wouldnt want to assign someone to something they arent the best at, so I would keep it pretty loose. (I love singing, but I dont NEED it)

Vocals: Me, or someone else thats good
Guitar: I assume we could all contribute to some extent
Bass: not me, I cant even aim playing slap bass
Drums: NOT ME
Noise, etc: Whoever feels like it, I know a bit.

Since this is the internet age, I think that online bands could be a pretty good start
Quote by SlinkyMcdougall
I love the Volta

WOO! Nobody I know remotely likes them!
And Omar is a genius! FACT!
Do you like ATDI era stuff? I have always liked the sound that they made, equal, but seperate from TMV.
Do you think something like a webcam would be needed for an online band? (obvious answer says yes.)
Sounds like a good idea though. All of the musicians I know are egotistical drummers, and none of them like any of the music I like. (Except one, who might take up this drumming spot if I ask him)
Well I play guitars and drums. Just to let you know, I can play Cygnus....Vismun Cygnus all the way through basically.
how would you play drums and look at your webcam ? you would need like a 60 inch monitor
basically you wouldn't need a webcam. All you would have to do is record something give the file to member of band and tell them you want something with it. and just keep building and conversating with desktop mics over a program like ventrillo until you got a piece together.
Yeah. You do it one at a time, and transfer the file so the next person adds their part. To tell you the truth, the smaller the online band the better. Maybe just mess around with a couple other people at first. You can always go back in and edit a part.
Awesome. And wow Slinky, the guitar and drum parts? I tried the guitar parts, and it was really hard to follow along with, especially when there are breakdowns. Generally, Omars stuff is impossible for me (Asilos Magdalena was easy though)
so hows this going lol? i play bass lol i can slap and all that, i also have a distortion pedal to mix it up lol, ik how old you ppl are but ill keep checking in to this
Cool, as soon as I buy a decent desktop mic (my one right now works only half the time) maybe we could actually getting this thing together. I can easily do line into my computer at the moment. I think we oughta just keep connected so we can work out more ideas.

And to facelessxpride, I am also not sure how old everyone else here (the chances are Im the youngest, being 15, but hey, Im willing to try anything) Im young, but Im not messing around with the guitar, its something i take seriously. Ive been really trying hard to make some sort of band, but to no avail.

If anyone decides that this sounds good, maybe we should all get some sort of meeting program, I know there are plenty of freeware programs like that out there.
If Facelessxpride isn't interested, I'd be willing to do some basic bass and piano parts. I'm still learning lol. Since this is funk/prog, would this be good chance to learn how to slap and pop better?
yeah, probably. I also have a bass (which I wouldnt want to record) and I think I need some work on slap and pop. I have no aim when it comes to slap.