Just finished this piece, still open to revising it, let me know what you guys think

I can't get any more sleep tonight
All I see is your face when I close my eyes
I don't know why it's so hard this time
So many memories of when you were mine

A years gone by, and it still saddens me
This didn't turn out, the way I imagined it
Can't get you out of my head, can't get past this
Can't get over our dying romances

I can't stand being alone at night
Never feels right with no one to talk to
Loneliness is a language you’ll never get
If I could teach you, maybe I’d get thru this

Your eyes, they always remind me
Of the feelings you’re always hiding
They were lost along the way it seems
Somewhere found in between you and me


Time and time again I still ask myself why
We never made it last, but did we even try?
I feel like we have some unfinished business
That went down the drain the night we kissed it goodbye….