So I'm thinking about getting an acoustic guitar for christmas since there is nothing more beautiful to me than the tone you get from acoustic guitars and I was wondering how useful a cutaway would be. I know I use the upper frets a lot on my electric but does that always necessarily carry over into acoustic territory? I've been looking at the blueridge br-60 but unfortunately that isn't cutaway and I don't know which one I would want if not the blueridge. Any comments on cutaways and suggestions for acoustics with cutaways (provided that you recommend them)?
applause? or ovation if you have money.
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Quote by maiden_mexico
applause? or ovation if you have money.

an Ovation would be really good if you were stuck at sea, failing that a takamine is a great choice. they are japanese made guitars and their sound is quaility
What do you want to play on your acoustic? i would stay away from Applause and Ovation. Unplugged, they don't have a very nice tone.
I dont have a cutaway on mine but I never go that far on the fretboard, only up to 12 or 13 which is easily enough gotten to without a cutaway.
Cutaways don't have much of a negative affect on tone. You honestly won't notice it.

Honestly though, very few people go past the 14 fret on an acoustic guitar.

The blueridge should be a pretty good guitar. Lots of top notch materials.
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I would also look into Breedlove. I just recently played one at my local guitar center and loved it. They are a bit expensive, with cutaways starting at around 800 USD. Other than that, Ovation is a good guitar, I am also a fan of certain Ibanez acoustics, Alvarez is decent as well.